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Everything wrapped up in one easy membership.

Kid’s ministry tools & resources at your fingertips. 

For some churches, buying individual Living Words resources as needed is perfect, but for most, a Living Words membership makes life even easier (and it’s more cost-effective). 

Our memberships give you Sunday School tools and resources on-demand, with everything included! Memberships can be enjoyed term-by-term (three months) giving your church the flexibility that suits your community best. 

Supporting churches & Sunday School leaders. 


Find and access what you need, when you need it, and enjoy new material as soon as it’s available. 


With way less planning on your part (we’ve done it all!), your role at Kid’s Church is focused on faith and fun, not lesson admin.  


With a term-by-term membership, it’s easy to sign-up each term as needed. Once you’re in, you can pick-and-choose the resources you need — or use the lot. 


A Living Words membership makes Bible teaching easier than ever — even if you’ve never worked with children or have no teaching experience. 


Our all-in-one memberships are extremely cost-effective, leading to good resource stewardship for your church. 

Everything you need for less than $500 a term. 

What to expect. 

Flexible duration. 

All memberships run for three months or a year, giving you the flexibility to rejoin each term as needed. With no automatic rollovers, you’re never locked in. 

Age-appropriate lessons. 

Enjoy curated, age-appropriate lessons (from Early Childhood to Year 6) for every Sunday of the school term.  

Biblically-sound materials. 

Lessons are based on a term-wide Biblical theme and associated verses, and can be printed for kids or delivered via screens.  

All-in-one content.  

Our one-stop-shop weekly PDF lessons includes:  

  • Engaging videos, presentations and/or print materials. 
  • Bible stories and other relevant reads.  
  • Music and dance ideas. 
  • Craft suggestions (with listed materials and instructions). 
  • Group games (with instructions). 
  • Physical or mental activities such as memory games, poems, obstacle course ideas, etc. 
  • Dialogue, tips, and guidance for leaders. 

Ongoing learning for a richer Biblical understanding. 

There is absolutely no pressure to renew your membership each term, but just like a school curriculum, Living Words content builds on previous material. This happens not only from week-to-week, but also year-to-year.  

We do this to ensure content flows in a logical order, and concepts are revisited over the years to help children develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the Christian faith. It also allows us to come back to concepts in a new way as children grow in maturity, life experience, and have a greater capacity for understanding. 

We ❤️ small churches!

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