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We’re here to inspire, equip, and support volunteers. 

School teachers have a comprehensive curriculum, corporate leaders have business plans, so why shouldn’t kids’ ministry leaders have something, too?

We know you’re passionate about teaching children and sharing how much Jesus loves them.

But, the role can be a daunting one, and is often more involved than people initially anticipate. Maybe you’ve never worked with kids before, have no experience or training, or simply don’t have time to invest in the amount of planning that’s required.  

Living Words was formed to tackle this very problem. We’re here to equip you with the right tools, resources, and insights so you can confidently lead, teach, and inspire children every week.

Created by Bible teachers 

For Bible teachers (that’s you!) 

Our curriculum has been carefully thought through for a young Australian audience. In consultation with excellent professional Bible teachers, it’s been created and presented in a way that any and all children’s ministry teachers can easily understand and implement 

Meet our writer

Josie Rivett 

Living Words combines three things Josie loves: Jesus, teaching and kids. She’s passionate about quality teaching that’s enjoyable, engaging, and thought-provoking. Using her experience and studies in education and theology, Josie has created a Biblically sound curriculum that’s easy to access, understand, and implement. Josie is helped by a team of people who have taught others about Jesus for many years.

While her favourite things are her husband and four kids, she loves having a chat and would never say no to a small (or large) piece of cake. Josie attends Providence Church in Perth, Western Australia.

We ❤️ small churches!

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